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A Word from Robert Varden

                                              By Robert Varden, Executive Director, CFI Division, CFI #969

        WOW! How time flies. Here we are about to step into the 4th quarter of 2021. What a year it has been. CFI is
        doing so much within the industry that it still amazes me when I stop and think about how far we have come in
        the recruiting, training, and placing new professional installers into the field.

        Post covid, the certifications are back on and have been gaining steam since about February. The 5- and 6-week
        trainings have been filling up. Goodwill, Mountaineer, and several other recruiting and training programs are
        going strong. Not to mention, our new partnership with the IUPAT.

        For those of you that missed the 28th annual CFI Convention, all I can say is “I’m sorry”. You missed one heck of
        a show. The education, the events, the golf outing, the trade show, what an amazing event. To re-cap it for you,
        here we were barely post covid, with a spike in this new variant and expectations of about 100 or so attendees,
        and we doubled it. Close to 200 attendees and incredible vendors at a location that was amazing. To top that
        off, we had 70 newcomers. Yes, you heard that correct. Over a third of the attendees were attending a CFI
        Convention for their first time. Many of those were some of the young installers that had been through the CFI
        training programs over the past few years. Just another example showing that our research and efforts over the
        past 6 years in reaching the youth and recruiting them into the trade is beginning to show. I can’t fully explain to
        you just how proud this made us feel.

        So please join us, whether you’re just getting into the business and looking for a place to learn the trade or a
        seasoned veteran that’s looking to separate yourself from the pack with a much-valued certification. Something
        that shows the industry that you don’t just say you’re a professional, but you have the credentials to prove it, Give
        CFI a call. I promise you; you’ll be glad you did.


        THANK YOU!
        Robert Varden

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