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Nine Steps for Installation Success

                               By Ruben Caicedo, CIM of Brazilian Floors, LLC, CWFI, CI, CSF, CSA

             roject Management in a jobsite can be simplified as a
             series of steps taken in a specific and repetitive order
        Pto ensure a successful completion of a project
          •  Adapting your process to suit the GC process can be
            challenging as well as fruitful
          •  A successful project will start and end with the best
            organization possible

        Have you wondered why you prepare yourself every morning
        the same way before going out to work? Or why you follow
        the same routine when it is time to go to sleep? The answer
        frightens many and confuses others, but in reality, you are
        performing project management. Every little step that leads
        to an expected outcome is completed to perfection through

        Now, not all people are as efficient as others in performing
        the same rituals. Some will skip or add steps, others will rush
        through, and others simply will take more time than needed   Let’s move on with that word in mind. Your company,
        thus increasing the length of the “project”. The key word is   regardless of your specialty (i.e., tile, hardwood, LVP, etc.)
        “efficiency”.                                       is part of the construction project. A key component so
                                                            the project can be delivered to the customer as per their

                                                            I invite you to think about your process. What is the first step
                                                            that happens in your company when your bid is approved?
                                                            The second? The third? The last? Can your process be
                                                            improved? How? What do you need to make it happen?
                                                            Will it be helping you be more efficient in all aspects? And
                                                            finally, what would you be able to achieve if your efficiency

                                                            Most flooring projects have several steps in common and
                                                            it is important that they are understood in order to be
                                                            implemented for success. Let’s see the most common:
                                                               1.  ESTIMATING, NEGOTIATION AND AWARD OF BID
                                                                This part is very important, and it needs to be clear
                                                                from the beginning that no job should lead to a loss
                                                                because of negligence. Review all documents and try to
                                                                visit the jobsite, if possible, to cover all aspects of the
                                                                bid that will directly or indirectly affect you. Negotiate
                                                                with fairness, not with greed. If awarded the project,
                                                                make sure that invoicing deposits and materials are
                                                                ready within a realistic time before starting the project.
                                                               2. SCHEDULING
                                                                Contact your GC representative and get to know them
                                                                at your earliest opportunity. Follow the GC schedule
                                                                up closely and share with them your schedule relative
                                                                to the project, meaning; when delivery is occurring,
                                                                                                 continued >>>
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